Project Funding

Before making an application for a Rotorua Civic Arts Trust Grant please note:

  • The Rotorua Civic Arts Trust makes grants for art projects that will foster and add to the artistic environment in Rotorua and District.
  • Grants are a maximum of up to $5,000.
  • Please read the criteria for making application.
  • Please look at your project and define how your project will add to the artistic environment in Rotorua and see if it meets the criteria .
  • The above especially applies to non art related organisations who are applying for funding. In this case the non-art related organisation is in effect the sponsor of the art project and the application should be written indicating this. The Art group is the applicant and the group must line up with our criteria.
  • It is expected that the group applying for funding will be making a reasonable financial contribution towards the project.
  • The Financial Section 3 must be filled out. Firstly all income must be listed and this includes the organisation’s contribution. Do not include the amount you are requesting from RCAT. Secondly all outgoings must be listed and identified as requested in the form.
  • These two sides are then added up separately and the difference between the income and the expenditure is the amount you are requesting for your grant from RCAT which must be under $5,000. When the grant you are applying for is added to the income then it should balance with the total of the expenditure.
  • If you are an individual applying please make sure you have a sponsoring organisation named in your application and have two people signing the application form.
  • If you are using tutors and/or co-ordinators; a resume of their qualifications and experience would be appreciated.
  • To ensure a quick response for any queries or successful/unsuccessful grants please include an e mail address along with full contact information required in the application form.

Policy Statement

  • The function of the Rotorua Civic Arts Trust is to support high quality artistic projects within the Rotorua District that will allow the local community to experience high quality events and build its skill base. This can include “imported projects” where a local sponsor is willing to make an application on an individual’s or group’s behalf.
  • Generally, the Rotorua Civic Arts trust will not provide assistance towards buildings, vehicles, or other capital items, administration and operating costs, or for travel costs or food.
  • Rotorua Civic Arts Trust does not provide funding for projects that mainly deliver outcomes for other sectors – such as health, heritage, education or the environment as they have access to their own specific funding.
  • No retrospective applications will be considered.
  • Applications will be received throughout the year and acknowledged.
  • In general, the Trust will only consider one application for funding from any individual or organisation in any 12 month period.
  • Monthly meetings of the Rotorua Civic Arts Trust will be held to consider applications, excluding the months of December and January.
  • Applications will only be considered from applicants residing or having immediate family residing within the Rotorua District, or groups whose activities are based in the Rotorua District as defined by the boundaries of the Rotorua District Council.

Project Funding Application


Make your application online via the link above

(Should you need to make a manual application, please email your application to )

Mission Statement

To grow and strengthen the creative arts and culture within the Rotorua District.

Aims of Objectives

  • To encourage individuals and groups to develop their creative talents
  • To assist people access high quality tuition
  • To assist people gain formal qualifications in arts and culture
  • To foster appreciation of arts and culture through seminars, workshops and other activities
  • To provide opportunities for people of Rotorua city to experience high quality artistic and cultural events


Applications will only be considered from applicants residing or having immediate family residing within the Rotorua District, or groups whose activities are based in the Rotorua District as defined by the Rotorua Lakes Council boundaries.

Funding Information

  • The Rotorua Civic Arts Trust receives a specific sum of money from Rotorua Trust to cover a sizeable portion of arts funding in our region. This sum is distributed in a manner that recognises:
    • Quality
    • The need to support a wide range of arts activities
    • RCAT’s financial resource base
    • The applicant’s management of its own resources
  • The combined consideration of these factors frequently leads to situations where the degree of support requested by applicants cannot be met, no matter how worthy the project.
  • Rotorua Civic Arts Trust considers applications up to a maximum amount of $5,000.
  • Amounts over $5,000 should be directed to Rotorua Trust.
  • Applications can only be made to either Rotorua Civic Arts Trust or Rotorua Trust.

Report on Event(s)

It is a requirement of a grant that a full report is to be sent to the Trust within three (3) months of the event being held, specifying particularly:

  • Number of attendees
  • Whether your aims and objectives were achieved
  • Any other matters of community and general interest